A single thought

It just came to me , to tell you that truth it came alot of times more then once…

a thought so small , so unimportant , come to think of it its worthless being what makes it so meaningful

its pitiful existence what gives it real meaning …

im certain and sure im blabbing out words of no meaning , but im sure you had that feeling when day

the day you woke and felt something wrong..how could anything be wrong you just woke up?!

could your day be ruined before it begun ?!

then it goes on…your still alive oh what a chock!! but now you take a deep breathe , my day is over you think in pure innocent joy!!

fool …foolish you!! …you walk 4 single steps…maybe one more

bush your teeth , wash your face, put on you pajamas …and go to bed ….

now you can get back to me !!so is your day really over?!

its being rewritten …from the second you woke up…till that last step you made…

your seeing flashing all in front of your eyes….oh god what the hell did i do today!!!was i on crack!!

exactly !…

Drear friend the worst time of your day , is when your day fools you to think it ended!!

but in fact it just begun….you think what you did what to do and how to keep holding on..

or it reminds you of things you didnt want to remember …

that how your so called end of day starts with a  worst beginning ….


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