Sold you soul to the devil

Sold you soul to the devil

The lyrics from Micheal Jakson song
The sketch is about the anti-christ worshipers (free masins)





A small sketch from my tiny sketch book
i will post more soon ^^


Art page on facebook

my art page on facebook give me a visit sometime :3



Logos !!

At last did a logo for my self, the illustrative logo started as a cat but my professor liked it more this way…

ammmm let me know what you think 🙂Image

A little about my self

Hello world…

well as the title said im gonna tell u a bit about my self

im a graphic designer and i love art..i draw and i adore anime art

trying to find my own style i made through practicing

i last enjoys writing and photography

ill keep you up to date with all the things ill be posting from time to time

well enjoy my blog and have fun ^^..




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